Just a quick project to show the Tardis Appearance using HitFilm.

Tardis Appear in HitFilm CLICK to watch in Vimeo
HitFilm Tardis Appear

This is the simplest version of the Tardis Effect. Just a pulsed variation in the opacity of the upper timeline.
Both sections were shot as a continuous piece. The model Tardis was removed after a few seconds.
The single video was put onto the second Timeline.
The empty scene part was cut off from the end of the video and put at the beginning on the first timeline.
The part with my hand removing the model was cut out.
The stepped variations in the Opacity of the second timeline were put at 1 second intervals.
This timeline was then slid over the first timeline of the “empty scene”.
Found effects and music on line.
Rendered as MP4.

It could have further enhancements – such as using the Glitch effect – or various degrading ones